Uros Raskovski is a Los Angeles based guitarist who has performed, recorded and toured with Steelheart, Five Finger Death Punch, Thomas Lang, Luke Holland (The Word Alive), Jacob Armen, members of Los Lobos and Beastie Boys, Marcel Coenen (Suncaged) among others. His energetic, versatile and precise guitar playing can be heard on records sold worldwide.


In late 2011, Uros signed a record deal with Favored Nations/Digital Nations for a debut release entitled "Constant Variety" with his project Walls Down. Digital Nations was dissolved in 2013 and "Constant Variety" is due for a re-release in late 2014 - early 2015.


The album brings forth an intense mosaic of complex composition and instrumental skills that resist the boundaries of trends and genres.


Uros is also an active educator both privately and as a College instructor where he has taught students from all over the globe for over sixteen years. He has written 11 textbooks on a variety of music theory related subjects.



2017  "Through Worlds of Stardust" - Steelheart (Frontiers Records)

2017  on tour with Steelheart

2016  on tour with Steelheart

2015  on tour with Steelheart

2014  on tour with Steelheart

2013 "Shine on Me" - Petrella, 25th Anniversary (First Lady of Country & Soul)

2012 “Constant Variety” - Uros Raskovski & Walls Down

2012  EQMB Theater Play co-produced by Louie Perez of Los Lobos

2009  Good 2B Alive Tour with Steelheart

2008 "Good 2B Alive" - Steelheart

2007 "The Way of the Fist" - Five Finger Death Punch

2006 "Just a Taste" - Steelheart

2005 "Color Journey" - Marcel Coenen & Friends