"Through Worlds of Stardust"


2017 Frontiers Records

Lead, rhythm and texture guitars

"Constant Variety"

Walls Down

2012 Favored Nations (Digital Nations)

1. Eye

2. Horizon Prah

3. 44 Magics

4. Where We All Go

5. Lion and Prey

6. Shrink Hans*

7. Banged up in 'ere

All tracks written, performed and produced by Uros Raskovski except*

*Written by Hans in' T Zandt and Uros Raskovski

"Good 2 B Alive"


2008 Steelheart Records


Lead, texture, rhythm and acoustic guitars

"The Way of the Fist"

Five Finger Death Punch

2007 Firm Records


Lead guitar on "The Bleeding"

"Just a Taste" EP


2006 Stillhard Records


Lead and texture guitars on:

"Twisted Future"

"Buried Unkind"

"Color Journey"

Marcel Coenen

2005 Lion Music


Lead guitar guest appearance on "The Shrink" (a track written by Hans in'T Zandt and Uros Raskovski, arranged by Marcel Coenen)