January, 2018

Demoing at the NAMM for Cryotone tubes in the new ACC North Level 1, Booth 15022. Come and hang!


December, 2017

Playing with a 50 piece orchestra. A great Christmas warm up!



November, 2017

Steelheart live in Smith Park, Florida at the Rock Fest 80s festival. Sharing the stage with none other than Joan Jett and Cheap Trick among many other awesome acts.



Fall 2017

Rehearsing with my band Walls Down and working out ideas for the second album. It'll be a while, but it's already sounding great!


September, 2017

Steelheart "Through Worlds of Stardust" album release on Frontiers Rcords. Check it out.



July 21st, 2017

Steelheart live in Chesterfield, MI at Dieisel Concert Lounge




June 2nd, 2017

Steelheart live in Iowa at the famous Surf Ballroom


Spring, 2017

Finishing up the guitar tracks for the new Steelheart album. Mixing and mastering is next. Fingers crossed!


January, 2017

It's that time of the year again. Playing some badass stuff at NAMM for the awesome Cryotone tubes.




Fall, 2016

Steelheart is getting ready to record a new album. We're starting pre-production, rehearsals and recordings. A record deal has been signed with Frontiers records, and we are on an insane deadline!



September 1st, 2016

Steelheart live in Dickinson, ND for the Dickson Summer Concert series


August 12, 2016

Steelheart live in Three Forks, MT at Rocking the Rivers Festival



May , 2016

Working on a couple of record productions and putting the final ideas together for my second album. Also, stay tuned for audio and video demos for Cryotone tubes. A great product that you need to check out if you care about tone.


May , 2016

The track "Eye" from my Constant Variety debut album is featured on Toontrack May Jukebox. Check it out!


April 30 , 2016

Enjoying great company at the M3



April 30, 2016

Steelheart joining rock'n'roll greats once again at the M3 Festival in Maryland



April 25 , 2016

Got Austin? What a crowd. This is why we rock on.





April 25, 2016

Steelheart live at the Austin Enchanted Rock Festival



April 24, 2016

Slamming times El Paso!




April 24, 2016

Steelheart live with all-time friends Warrant at the Speaking Rock Hair Fest in El Paso, TX



April 23, 2016

It's been years but well worth the wait Colorado!




April 23, 2016

Steelheart headlining at the famous Buffalo Rose in Golden, CO



February, 2016

Check out this single that I played on. It was recorded exclusively for the Korean market and it features Mili of Stelheart on vocals.


January, 2016

NAMM show was crowded and fun as usual. Check out the full interview I did for ROCKwell Radio at the Rock'n'Roll GangStar booth with Bjorn Englen and Rev Jones.



January, 2016

NAMM show time. I will be demoing the great Cryotone tubes in Hall E, and I'll hop upstairs for a short interview at the Rock'n'Roll GangStar booth. See you all there.


November, 2015

In town again for holidays, local shows and end of college year teaching.


October 16, 2015

Steelheart headlining the first night of a three day Rock'n'Skull festival in Pelkin, IL



October 2 , 2015

Nothing rocks like Vegas!




October 2, 2015

Steelheart is back in Vegas at The Hotel D on the strip with the great company of Vixen and Slaughter



August 22 , 2015

Steelheart live at the Iowa State Fair



August 15 2015

What a quiet thunder Mainers turned out to be! Steelheart blew all the fuses towards the end of our set and continued rocking during the power outage. I started jamming on Mili's acoustic while the audience was singing "We All Die Young" as they waited for the power to come back. Mili joined soon after for a night to remember. I know I will. Thanks Maine!




August 15, 2015

Steelheart sharing the stage with Jack Russell's Great White in Mechanic Falls, ME for the Party in the Pasture Rock Fest



July, 2015

Laying down some track for a German hard rock artist



May-July, 2015

Staying rooted for the next few months for local gigs, music production and recording sessions.


April  11, 2015

Always a great hang in Vegas! Gotta look mean, you know what I mean?





April  11, 2015

Steelheart headlining show at The Vamp'd in North Las Vegas with DC4 and Tailgun


February , 2015

I am happy to announce an endorsement by Wathen Audiophile and their great product line the CryTone Audio Tubes! An absolutely stunning product.


January 23 , 2015

Rocking the NAMM show after party with Steelheart and all-star guests!



January 23 , 2015

Signing at the Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel Booth at the Anaheim 2015 NAMM show with Bill Hudson (Circle II Circle, Westfield Massacre), Darryl Boyd (Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel) Shawn Duncan (Odin, DC4, The Bullet Boys), Pete Holmes (Black'n'Blue) and Mitch Stewart.



January 23 , 2015

Live at a NAMM show after party on Friday January 23rd sponsored by Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel! An all-star bash with Miljenko Matijevic on vocals, Uros Raskovski on guitar along with Rev Jones, Rob Marcello and members of Odin, Circle II Circle, Jack Russell's Great White and others. Jamming on Steelheart tunes and some covers. See you there!



There will also be a signing at the Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel NAMM Booth #4398 Hall C with some of us will be appearing and promoting the show.


December , 2014

Check out the Hughes & Kettner Artist page roster! See anyone you know? The Grandmeister 36 RUNS THE SHOW, the rest is just for show.



My debut album "Constant Variety" has finally been remastered. Stay tuned for the re-release details.


December 16 , 2014

The Whisky show was a blast and a success! Thank you all for coming out and packing the joint on a rainy Tuesday. Sharing the stage with Robbie Krieger and Phil Chen of The Doors was a memorable time! \m/




December , 2014

Steelheart live at the Whisky A Go Go! For the first time in its career, Steelheart is hitting the Sunset Strip with some special guests.



November 8, 2014

Steelheart performance at the Scorpio Fest cancelled due to poor weather conditions. The band still made it to a local club and rocked out for the fans! Thanks Florida!


November, 2014

Steelheart to headline in Florida. Stay tuned for details.


October 11, 2014

Glad to be a part of the Hughes & Kettner pack! A big thank you to Dennis Shepherd and everyone at H&K. The Grandmeister 36 is so fat sounding, it makes you run laps on the stage! Mean-bitching-awesome sounding little box. DO check it out!
















October 11, 2014

The fans lining up for some merch and "meet'n'greet"!
























October 11, 2014

Phenomenal times rocking with my Steelheart bros, Lita Fod, Warrant, Dokken and Dee Snider! Rockathon was AWESOME! Thank you Louisiana!












































October 11, 2014

Steelheart at the Rockathon in Mackerville, LA with Dee Snider, Lita Frod, Dokken and Warrant!
















October 10th, 2014

Thanks Houston! I had a blast!



October 10, 2014

Steelheart headlining in at The Concert Pub North in Houston, TX!



September 24, 2014

A big thank you to Kyler Watson and Robert Keeley!. I am mighty glad to announce that I've been welcomed to the Keeley Pedals family! Great sounding product and a company that cares every step of the way! Check them out.
















September 2014

"Constant Variety" finally remastered! Stay tuned for a re-release.















Bass player auditions for Uros Raskovski and Walls Down in the works. Hope to see you all soon live!


August 2014

Recording sessions for the new Steelheart EP are on the way.


August 2014

Thanks El Paso, TX. A wonderful experience at Speaking Rock! It was awesome sharing the stage with Warrant!












































August 2014

Thanks Fargo, ND and Bismarck, ND. Awesome shows and a great welcome! Thanks Firehouse for two great shows.












































August 2014

On tour with Steelheart
























July 2014

I'm happy to announce that I am rejoining Steelheart. Can't wait to play in August. First shows in North Dakota.
















July 2014

Thanks Schwarzenator and YouTube! Phenomenal hang! It's not every day that my makeup is done by the same artist who makes Gene Simmons' armor suit! Nice. 


July 2014

Video shoot and the YouTube Space LA studios with Schwarzenator. As usual, loads of humor is expected to take over the session!


May 2014

Thanks Thomas Lang, Luke Holland, Don Lombardi and everybody at DW and Drum Channel studios! An absolute pleasure working with you guys.


May 2014

Playing with Thomas Lang and Luke Holland at the Drum Channel studios in Oxnard, CA. Jamming on some Stork tunes. R.I.P. Shane Gibson. It is an honor to play your parts and music.


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